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Foodvalley NL

Shaping the Future of Food Together

Foodvalley NL guides organisations and stakeholders in cross-sector collaboration, turning thoughts and ambitions into practice. As an independent organisation, they ignite collective action in agrifood with frontrunners in different sectors and countries. Foodvalley has
almost 20 years of practical experience and has developed a practical approach of working effectively in systems and tackle its wicked problems.

From their experience and with their network of partners, they have learned to discern
effective strategies and pitfalls. Simply by digging deeper into what works and what does not. It is about redefining these wicked problems into opportunities that people can connect to and grow together: Joint action produces the greatest impact.

The approach is not linear. You may encounter detours to seize opportunities or take a winding road to ensure everyone stays engaged on the path to a sustainable food system that offers food security to 10 billion people worldwide in 2050.

By joining the journey with Foodvalley NL, you will discover opportunities in three key
innovation areas:

  • Protein Transition
  • Food & Health
  • Circular Agrifood.

At the same time, they strengthen the ecosystem that feeds these innovations, a process known as ecosystem development.

Foodvalley NL’s commitment lies in fostering a landscape where sustainable practices flourish and breakthrough ideas take root. By leveraging collective expertise and fostering collaboration, Foodvalley NL aims to lead the way in creating a future of sustainable,
nutritious and circular food systems.

That is why Foodvalley NL developed Foodleap to support these ambitions digitally. Foodleap is an easy entry to the food innovation network as well as a great way to deepen your knowledge and connections globally.