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Put yourself on the map

Do not let us miss you!

Put yourself on the Protein Transition Map NL together with more than 400 actors and initiatives working towards an economically healthy future for proteins.

We think the whole world should know that you are working on the protein transition. From policymakers to food providers, from investors to producers. A place on the Protein Transition Map NL increases your national and international visibility and helps us to show policymakers, investors and other stakeholders that the protein transition is serious business. Are you an actor providing protein solutions other than conventional meat, fish or dairy? Click on the button below!

* After submitting your information, you will receive a confirmation indicating whether your data is already in our database and if it will be added to it.
The Protein Transition Map NL, is scheduled for an official launch in 2024. To ensure proper actor verification and data analysis, the complete list of actors will not be shared before the official launch.

Serious business

The protein transition is serious business, offering serious business opportunities. The more actors showcase their ingredients, products and technologies, the better the transition’s chances of success. The good news is that we are making great progress. Whereas only two years ago the Dutch Protein Transition Ecoystem counted 250 actors, we have now passed the threshold of 400 actors. All advancing the protein transition. Through the development of plant-based ingredients, new products, innovative techniques or brands, they contribute to job creation, economic value, and commercial perspectives.

Launched in 2024

The Protein Transition Map NL, officially to be launched in 2024, serves two goals:

  • Opening our ecosystem, with all its actors and innovations, to the world. A unique portal for those abroad seeking futureproof protein solutions.
  • Demonstrating and monitoring the economic value of the Dutch protein transition.

By collecting, analysing and aggregating data of actors featured on the Map, we provide new insights on the economic impact ‚Äčof the Dutch protein transition. The Map enables users to find actor-specific information on the solutions they offer and aggregated economic data on the Dutch sustainable protein industry on a National & Provincial level. This allows for monitoring and evaluating trends over time, informing policymakers on the progress towards realising our Nationale Protein Strategy-ambitions and supporting them in initiating new impactful programmes.

Do you belong on the map?