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Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey? Look no further! Whether you are a valued returning user or a newcomer eager to explore our platform, register or login to gain access.

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  • Provide us with your name and email address
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  • Add your company profile data
  • Include some extra information so we can help you find interesting partners and opportunities
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After registration, you will receive an email with more information. Do not forget to check the profile of your organisation. We did most of the ground work for you as a service. You can always add or adjust things yourself.

Communities on Foodleap

Communities on Foodleap offer rich breeding grounds for launching initiatives and creating widespread adoption. They are Foodvalley NL partner only communities. Participation is by invitation, this way we guarantee the right (diverse group of) people with the right mindset and synergy in contribution.

The Protein Community
Personalised Nutrition Community
Healthier Food Community
Upcycling Community

Things to consider

1. Register with at least one person from your organisation. There are no costs involved! Preferably, let someone register involved within the food innovation process.

2. Make sure your actor profile is up to date. We did most of the work already based on public sources as a service, but when you think its incorrect you are free to change the
information. You can check the actor profile and, if necessary, adjust it. To determine whether people can find you it is important to provide us with an accurate description of your organisation and a summary of your activities.

3. Respond when you are contacted. It is an unwritten convention that you respond when a you are contacted. To make the platform work, it is crucial that people interact. Therefore it is in our code of conduct that everybody responds in a prompt and reasonable timeframe.

4. Positive and personal interaction. When you receive questions that you find not
appropriate to you, please let us know. Foodleap is a food innovation platform that
facilitates interaction needed. We curate actors and users on the platform.

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